I’m so excited to have not only a friend but a fellow small business owner on Recipes & Traditions today!

Anna is the owner of the adorable shop Croak and Bloom. She is the talented creative behind our adorable spice spoons and cedar plates in the shop.

As any small business owner knows, it’s a really cool thing when you connect to others not just on a business level but on a friendship level as well. So it’s an honor to have her share a delicious recipe of her dads on the blog. Make sure you head over and follow Anna over on Instagram @croakandbloom and check out her adorable shop! Warning: You will want one of everything she makes!

Growing up as a child in frozen Ontario, Canada, I always ran to the table when my parents were making this soup because it truly smells Ah-mazing, and is perfect for chilly days.

It was also our traditional Christmas Eve ‘pre schnitzel-dinner’ soup too, and still is with my own family today!
Czech’s call it ‘Zelnacka’ but in English it would likely be referred to as a ‘Czech Sauerkraut Soup’.
It’s got such a lovely sour flavor, so if you’re a lover of pickles or pickled things, or like a nice subtle smoked meat flavor, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it 😉

I actually have 2 versions of this soup (one my Mom’s, and the other my Dad’s) but I actually like my Dad’s recipe better.
So here it is! Just don’t tell my Mom, hahaha!