Ten percent of every purchase made from Bringer of Joy goes back to an organization we choose that supports and empowers expectant mothers. We don’t just believe in adoption, but we believe that expectant moms and dads deserve to be supported and empowered. Whether that is if they choose to parent or if they choose to pursue an adoption plan. Our hearts are to link arms with organizations that we know truly care for the hearts of these expectant parents, especially in a time when they may feel as though everything around them is overwhelming and chaotic. They need and deserve to have people around them that will not just support them during their pregnancy but after as well. We have been making this donation amount since we very first opened up last June in 2019. Our hope is that as we continue to grow that percentage can grow as well. Thank you for allowing us to hold a small space here for the last year. We feel so honored to be apart of this incredible community.

Did you know that every time you purchase one of our products you are not just supporting one but actually two small businesses! We are so proud and honored to carry items that we have either designed and collaborated with other small businesses to bring in, or have fallen in love with their product and now carry it in our online shop. It’s amazing the relationships that form when small businesses support one another.