I’m so excited to have Katie share today on our blog. Katie is my cousin, but also my best friend, and Godmother to my daughter. She’s sharing a very special tradition and recipe in memory of her mom. You can follow Katie over on Instagram @artunderresin.

    “When I was asked to do this task, I will admit, the idea of picking one special recipe that my Mom made seemed … well impossible.  She was an amazing cook and most things she made were pretty amazing. 

       With Christmas nearing there is definitely one recipe that always makes me smile though.  It’s the one my Mom made special for us every year.  We lost her 8 years ago.  So as you can imagine this time of year is bitter sweet for all of us. 

This recipe is one tradition that has held strong.  The annual baking of the Christmas sugar cookie cutouts!  My sister and I have even shared it with our children.  As oldest of the five Lusher kids, it started as early as I can remember.  I think around Kindergarten.  I turned 44 this year.

     With five rambunctious children it was hard to find traditional things that we can all do it once.  The Christmas cutouts was one of those things.  Mom would mixed and roll, we would cut. At the end we divvied up all of the baked and cooled Christmas cookie shapes amongst the five of us.  We each had our own pile of stars, trees, angels, stockings, candy canes and Santa’s.  They were like blank canvases before us. We were allowed to ice and decorate them with sprinkles anyway we liked.  It was laughter and fun, sticky icing fingers and half eaten cookies.  Mom would walk around the table telling us how pretty they all looked. 

So here it is.  The Christmas cutout cookie recipe that has been our family tradition for over 40 years.  All thanks to my beautiful Momma.  Enjoy … share.. make memories.  We did.”