I’m so honored and excited to have my precious friend Michelle share today on the blog. Michelle is not only one of the most talented photographers I know, but her love of Jesus and family seeps into everything she does. I seriously encourage you to head over and follow Michelle on her Instagram. You will walk away encouraged and inspired. @michellemaddox_

These simple but exotic little rolls have been apart of almost every celebratory event since I was a little girl. My mom, Dolor aka Lola (grandma in filipino), was always requested to make them for family gatherings and recently has been selling them to others so they can cook them for their own families.

Life circumstances brought my mom into our home to live in July of 2019. Once the events of the 2020 quarantine happened I was so thankful that God allowed her to be here with us and for my children to grow up with their Lola.

 Traditions of my heritage are often centered around the food, as it is with so many other cultures. The kitchen has always been the heart of my childhood home and still remains true in my own home. I often refer to it as the kitchen sink ministry, when really it’s what the entire room represents. Here we stand as mothers and daughters, nourishing the physical bodies of the ones God has given us to steward, but also nourishing their little souls. We laugh and we cry here, tend to arguments that come busting through the back door, wash dishes until our backs hurt, and make memories that are passed from one generation to the next.

I’m sure I can’t fully comprehend how sitting around the table with my family rolling lumpia with my momma will be one of the greatest memories of my life-time. I do know that having her here, sharing these rich experiences with my filipino heritage, are to not be taken for granted. That is my hope for all homes, that you slow down to sit with the ones God has given you, break bread, laugh, cry, share your heritage, and at the same time realize how you’re blessing not just your loved ones belly’s, but their souls as well.