I’m beyond honored and excited to have my sweet friend Coley on Recipes and Traditions today! She is sharing the perfect pie for Easter which is right around the corner!

Coley is a lady with many talents and a big heart! I’m so honored to call her a friend. She is co-author of the book Friendship Defined. She is also one of the cofounders of an incredible retreat called Birth Mom Buds.

This retreat has had a major impact in the adoption community, but more importantly in the lives and hearts of these precious mamas. It allows birth moms to rest, share their hearts and journeys, and create life long lasting friendships. This is their 16th retreat and friends they could use our help! They have put together an Amazon wish list of items that they  are in need of for this retreat!

Would you be willing to lend a hand and grab an item off their list? By having what they need, they can then turn their focus to where it matters most.

If you are part of the triad, especially an adoptive parent, this is a great way to honor your triad even if they are not attending. I often get asked how are ways you can honor your child’s first mama even if you are sitting in a season of no contact. Well friends here is one more way!  Please head over to Birth Mom Buds’ Instagram for the link that can be found in their bio or feel free to message us and we will send it to you!

Make sure you head over and follow Coley’s account @colleybelle as well as @birthmom_buds and @friendshipdefined.

For the longest time, I only made pies whenever company was coming over, and my little boy would get so excited when he saw me making a pie because it meant people,  typically his Grandparents, were coming over. This is a family favorite…..