Growing up in Washington state I didn’t get a lot of grandparent time. But every summer we would make the long drive back to Ohio to see my grandma and extended family. I just want to remind all of you young parents that back then it was a five day drive with no iPads or vans with a dvd system. It was straight up entertain yourself while dad drove and fight with your brother until both parents threatened you by using your full name with middle included. 

The one thing that I always looked forward to was walking into that old white house on Walnut Street to the smell of my Grandma Loretta’s banana bread or her banana cake.

I have tried hundreds of recipes and none of them come close to her banana bread recipe! Every time I make it, the smell sends me back to walking through the front door of her house. 

My grandma passed away years ago. I still drive down that street and show my little girl where her great grandma used to live. I talk about the giant garden and the huge rhubarb patch that she had in her backyard. I talk about how she went to Bible college back in the early 1940’s where it was still a very rare for a woman to finish high school let alone go off to another state for college! 

She was amazing woman and she is missed by us all. But every time myself or a family member makes this recipe we all come back to the warmth of her kitchen sitting at her table in between those two windows while she stood at her oven or kitchen sink. 

I hope you all enjoy this, but promise me that when you make it, you honor her by not adding some natural sweeter you bought at Whole Foods. You gotta follow this recipe to truly soak in her delicious banana bread.