I’m beyond thrilled to have my dear friend Natalie on Recipes & Traditions today! Natalie and I met thanks to Instagram. We shared a love of Emma Bridgewater mugs, food, and often chatting about the royal family. She’s my one friend who indulges me in this, and didn’t think I was crazy when I was up at 4 AM to watch Prince Harry wed Meghan. 
Natalie is one of those women that I would totally be glad to have my daughter look up to. She’s a wife, a mama, holds a PhD and has the best fashion sense ever!  But even more then that, Natalie is one of those women who truly supports other women. She is an encourager, she is kind and truly spreads joy. I’m grateful Instagram allowed our paths to cross.
The heart behind the recipe: My grandmothers – June and Connie – taught me how to bake from a young age. Both baked every week, providing my grandfathers – Harry and Les – and many others with their tasty treats. Layer cakes, fairy cakes, jam tarts, scones…these are some of the first things I ever learned how to make, standing beside my grandmother on a dining chair to help me reach the counter. 


This recipe for cheese scones began with a classic recipe by the doyenne of Victorian baking and household management, Mrs Beeton, that was appropriated by my Grandma June. She added English mustard, which gives the scones a warm, spicy, savoury hint that pairs well with the sharp cheddar. They go perfectly with tomato soup on a cold day, or alongside dainty finger sandwiches and cake for afternoon tea. 


As a Brit living in Texas, whenever I make – and eat! – this recipe, it’s an important link to my family. There’s nothing I love more than making an afternoon tea spread for a special weekend treat. Unfortunately, my Grandma June was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease around the time I moved to the USA just over 3 years ago. Baking the things we used to make together is a way of keeping her memory alive to me as her memory fades. 


I hope you’ll try making her recipe, perhaps with an eager little kitchen helper standing on a dining chair beside you. Enjoy!