Hi! I’m Becca, the owner of Bringer of Joy and Co.

I wanted to share a bit about the heart of this small online business. When my husband and I met in 2010 we both came to the table with hurt, deep pasts, broken hearts and a whole lot of damage. It was through the precious grace of Jesus that he healed and interwove our hearts and paths. Hope has always been something deeply rooted within our hearts and home. With a firm belief that Jesus makes beauty from ashes.

In 2013, my husband and I became parents through adoption. A precious soul who entrusted us to parent our precious, curly headed sassy, sweet little lady named Beatrix, who’s name means Bringer of Joy. She has brought so much joy, challenged us to see outside ourselves, find hope each day and savor the small stuff.  In 2018, Jesus laid it on my heart to open Bringer of Joy, which I launched in 2019.

Over the last year it has grown and changed, and the character of our business has organically shown itself. Our hearts are to support hopeful adoptive parents while honoring and elevating all voices of the adoption triad. As we start our second year, Jesus has led us down a new path as an extension of who we are. We long to be a company of hope, sharing stories and encouragement no matter your journey.

Too often as human beings, we walk through divorce, addiction, infertility, abuse, loss, adoption, marriage, parenting and mental heath issues alone. We are not meant to navigate these things alone friend, it’s the moments of darkness that often find us grasping for an ounce of hope. It’s in the quiet of loneliness that we are desperate to feel worthy, to feel loved, and to know that we matter and that our voice counts.

It is our heart here at Bringer of Joy to remind you that your life and your voice matter. That you my friend are no accident but thoughtfully and purposefully made by the creator of the universe. There is no place you can run to, no sin too great that can separate you from him.  We have designed, collaborated with, or fell in love with items from other small businesses to curate items of hope and encouragement. We pray these items remind you as you wear them, drink from it, or see it hanging on your wall, of the deep purpose and worth that you have. 

Whatever your story or journey that you are on, whatever mountain you are facing, as long as you have breath in your lungs there is always hope! Through hope comes joy. Through this reminder we pray it penetrates your heart to remind you that you have value. You are wanted and you are welcome here. There is no shame, no amount of ashes that he can’t turn into pure beauty. We hope you join us as we open the windows and throw open the doors, and allow each other to share our journeys and stories. In the rawness, in the mess, pain and in the beauty. 

We are so glad you are here. 
Xoxo- The G family