I’m so excited to have my sweet friend Barbie on the blog today! This blog is extremely special and I’m beyond honored that she is allowing us to share something that I know is so precious and sacred to her and her family. See when you are an adoptive parent your triad is something you protect fiercely and all who are apart of it. So for her and her sons birth mother to trust us enough to share this precious memory is an honor and as an adoptive parent myself one I do not take lightly. This blog post is a beautiful example of how these two precious women have created a tradition that their son will hold dear for years to come. Make sure to head over and follow Barbie on her Instagram @mrsbarbiegarcia.

“As long as I live I will never forget the moment we share our very first Christmas with our son and his God given parents. We were so nervous it would be too soon for them after placing him for adoption.

We picked up some pizzas and met at our agency to enjoy lunch and our first visit. We spent 3 hours eating, laughing, and even crying as we talked about how much our song as grown in a month and half.

We brought gifts but his Mama brought something that wowed us so much more.  She brought a leave of her family to ours. These cookie recipes were passed down from her grandma to her mother and now to our son.

Each year we will make these cookies and share this story with him, even if his mama makes them for us. We know hers will be made with love but our hope his will be made with pride about where he came from.”

(Photo used with permission)