Where There is Hope, There is Joy

Anxiety.  I think we have all felt that pang of right as it hits you, leaving you frozen right where you step.

I felt that many times as a teenager who fought anxiety for many years.  My mom would always lovingly sit with me as I walked though it.

She always had a feeder outside of our dining room window, and she would always encourage me to grab onto something no matter how small.  I quickly learned that holding on to hope in the toughest of times often led me to finding joy in the simplest of things.  I often found myself gravitating towards her feeder.  Even though I admit it irritated me greatly in those moments.  There was always one bird in particular that caught my eye, the smallest little black caped chickadee.  Who strangely enough means resilience.

When we were a week out of our adoption finalization, we received a call that sent me reeling.  Our lawyer had somehow filed our paperwork inaccurately.  All of the paperwork, including what our birth parents had signed, had to be redone all over again.  I hung up the phone and immediately burst into sobs.  I was frustrated knowing that it would put us further out, knowing there were circumstances that had our process on a tight schedule, that we would have to ask our birth parents to resign papers and knowing how much emotion and pain that would bring.  In the middle of my tears, I looked out of my kitchen window where a small feeder hung with a little chickadee bird.

I would later have this tattooed on my arm with my daughter’s initials as a reminder that there is always hope, and that with the Lord’s help we all would get through this.  That joy and resilience would meet us at the end of this tunnel.  That this journey is in his control.

I believe that not one tear goes unnoticed by him.

Our hope is that our products bring reminders of hope to you, no matter what your story is or what you’re walking through.

I pray that you find hope in this reminder.  Comfort in knowing no matter what you are facing whether it be anxiety, depression, addiction, mourning a loved one, divorce, navigating this journey of adoption as parents in waiting, or walking through grief of adoption placement – our savior is never far from us.  That there is always hope.  I pray you remember that your identity as a human matters.  You are so needed and so special.

Hold onto hope knowing that the Heavenly Father will pull you through. That in the depth and darkness of night, morning will come. That in the waves of pain and fear that grip you, there will be moments of deep breath and peace. That glimpses of joy will catch your aching heart.  You are resilient, you are worthy and you have value. You are never alone.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

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